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Ross Lifescience is not just a workplace but a platform for all Rossites to fulfil their goals.

We firmly believe that employees are our BIGGEST ASSET.

They give Ross Lifescience the competitive advantage, which is critical for success. Hence, we strive to build a culture where all our employees feel motivated and are free to express their entrepreneurship. We take great pride in fostering a work environment that encourages different backgrounds, talents and perspectives to thrive together.


We also believe in creating an environment where Rossites do not miss out on fun.

We believe in working harder when faced with obstacles. We have numerous activities like sports tournaments, Family get together, birthday celebrations, Festival Celebrations, Picnic, Tree Plantations, CSR Activities and team bonding activities to give a platform to employees to collaborate more at informal level and bond together. The work atmosphere is very cordial and there is no hierarchy. This creates more open environment for all employees to grow and also learn things beyond their own competencies.

Ross believes in continuous improvement and we enrich lives of our employees by imparting training and exposure to various skills and techniques to enhance their capabilities.


Our punch line is “Excellence through Innovation”. Innovation is the way of life at Ross Lifescience and core fabric of our culture. We strive to maintain an open culture where employees are free to share a ideas. We have nurtured and encouraged many innovations in our day to day life as well as in terms of long term achievements. We at Ross strongly believe that innovation is future, and we are all ready to make a difference to the world through innovations.


Employees do not have managers; they have influencers and mentors and have their own accountability structure.

We have evolved from the conventional organisation reporting structure by creating a structure that is based on network sphere. The structure ensures employees are self-driven, can create their own career development plan and have an independent growth path. The network sphere is supported by robust organisation systems and processes. Performance is measured based on the impact an employee has on Ross Lifescience through these spheres of network. Ross Lifescience has opportunities for employees who can take initiative to make a difference.

In this open environment Ross is an equal opportunity employer and has a very good representation from all community.

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