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Ross Lifescience Private Limited, is a Contract Research Organization based in Pune, India and has been operating for more than 10 years now. The name is also a tribute to Nobel laureate Sir Ronald Ross, who discovered how malaria is transmitted from mosquitoes to man.

Ross is engaged in product development and analytical services (chemistry, Bioefficacy and Ecotoxicity) including registration data generation related to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which involves crop protection, Public health & house hold insecticides and veterinary ecto-parasiticides.

Ross Lifescience has expert and experienced staff comprising of Analytical chemists, Entomologists and Toxicologists coupled with state of the art infrastructure laboratory equipped with sophisticated instruments for conducting product development and analytical studies assisted by advisory panel of repute.

Our Team


Dr. Kedar Deobhankar

Ross Lifescience Pvt. Ltd.
  • Email:kedar@rosslife.net

Dr. Swati Vitonde

Finance & HR
  • Email:swati@rosslife.net

Mr. Nitin Ghatpande

Business Development
  • Email:nitin@rosslife.net

Dr. Deepak Phal

Technical Services
  • Email:deepak@rosslife.net

Our Story

Ross Lifescience is a contract research organization that was conceptualized on 30th January,2008 by 4 directors who were working in one of the MNC.

The routine job had set in ennui and we were all looking out for activity that would give us both pleasure and job satisfaction. Every week end for couple of months we use to just discussand deliberate about entering into a business activity suited to our skills and competency but forget about it in our routine work. This became our usual practice but at last we decided to take that leap into entrepreneurial activity.

One fine day all of us conceptualised our thoughts and decided to start a business venture which would cater to development and evaluation of products utilized in pest management since this was the expertise and competency we gained over a period of time. The noble aim was to work on products that would quickly be launched into markets for getting rid of pests that spread deadly diseases to human being, plants and animals.

Though the idea was noble when we started to draw up a business plan we couldn’t see a big client’s list. Leaving cosy well paid job and starting a new venture on our own was a difficult idea to deal with. The pinch and pain of leaving the job was felt on the very next day itself when we lost possession of car, laptop, mobile etc which belonged to the company.




ISO 9001 (2008)


ISBA Entrepreneurship Award


ISO 17025 (NABL)


DSIR Certification


CIB&RC Approval


GLP Approval

This was followed by criticism from family members wherein everybody of us had to convince their respective partners about the business plans and how they would benefit us in the long run and give us the most needed job satisfaction and the fact that we were our own bosses. But initially this was hard for them to digest since starting a business that too by Scientists is rare and only done by persons who have no options left for getting a white collar job. However, finally all the family members reconciled to fate and left us on our own.

One of the astonishing fact was that most of persons known to us running successful business enterprises that we approached for seeking help and advice actually deterred us from entering into this activity

The only thing that we had in us at that point of time was conviction, confidence and passion to do what we enjoyed the most and which gave us immense satisfaction. With this in mind we initially raised money needed through help of one of our very senior colleague, to get the bare minimum infrastructure in place. The place, albeit small, was located in strategic place in Pune city and had a premium look. Initially we started taking up whatever projects that would come to us –be it in the field of chemistry or biological sciences – and successfully delivered. To our surprise the parent organization where we worked earlier started giving us projects and this helped us stand on our feet and we achieved a fairly decent revenue with minimum losses during the first year of our operations.

The first year really taught us to bear with hardships in life including many times not availing the salary for couple of months. At times we use to wonder what made us leave our comfortable jobs! But we were all bitten by that entrepreneurial bug that was so overpowering and made us withstand the trials and tribulations of hardships that we were able to endure.

As the days passed by we got used to the ‘new life’ of an entrepreneur and started enjoying the work that we used to get. We also got to learn hard lessons of managing the finances especially minimising outstanding payments and maintaining enough liquidity. Slowly the business started growing and in the 2ndyear itself we posted healthy growth and profit. This gave us the much needed confidence and boosted our morale.

We in true entrepreneurial spirit, now started focussing on our area of expertise and competency which was Pest management business and also started procuring some analytical instruments and hiring analytical chemist. Interim we started working on getting the requisite certifications that would give the much needed credibility with our clients. We first got our laboratory ISO certified (9001-2008).

We also allocated activities that each Director supervised like Business Development, HR and Finance, Analytical Chemistry and Product Development which brought more focus to business

In the 3rd year (2010) of our operation we took a bold decision of moving to a larger place which was around 5000 square feet. This was an isolated bungalow in outskirts of Pune (Wakad) and gave us all the flexibility of modifying the place as per our requirement. We now had a headcount of over 10 persons from initial head-count of 4 and started investing on sophisticated chambers for evaluation of household insecticide products and analytical instruments for evaluating physico-chemical properties of the formulations. During this period Ross was awarded ISBA Entrepreneurship Excellence award for green technologies for innovative work carried out for herbal products.  We now started getting samples for analysis from different countries and the data generated and reports presented absolutely met the customers’ expectations.  Our area of activity still was confined to analysis and evaluation of household products either in lab or in field. In 2011, our laboratory was recognized by DSIR and this gave us the much needed boost to our business. Subsequently we also obtained ISO 17025 certification which was an added advantage and we slowly started entering into Crop protection field as well generating registration data for many formulations. All in all Ross started posting healthy growth rate of 40% year on year from 2010 till date.

Slowly and steadily the head count started rising as business started picking up and in Feb 2014 we moved to even bigger facility in Bhosari Industrial area. The facility which now admeasured 25000 square feet area boasted of sophisticated instruments like HPLC –MS and GC-MS also included a big entomology facility with room size chambers apart from conventional Peet Grady chambers and insect rearing facility. In due course we also added a sophisticated eco-toxicity facility for screening of impact of pesticides on aquatic and terrestrial beneficial organism. Also by this time (2015) the facility was approved by CIB&RC (regulatory authority for registration of pesticides). The facility by this time had head count of 35 personnel looking after various activities.

Ross showed an impressive growth and by 2014. The institute got GLP certification in the field of Chemistry and Eco-toxicology. Most of the business activity now comes from Agrochemicals and focus really is on Residue and Persistency studies in crops, soil and water apart from Physico-chemical properties and bio-efficacy trials on crops in the field. Ross is now engaged with most of the renowned MNCs in the field of pest management and has acquired the desired credibility with these organizations

As with all organization the complexity of organization brings with it man-management issues which needs greater attention in terms of their training needs, appropriate work-load (efficient utilization) and keeping them motivated to prevent attrition. With this aim in mind Ross has also started encouraging staff to pursue post-graduate and doctoral programs wherein some flexibility is given to conduct their research work in-house.

Ross has charted out milestones for introducing newer technologies that would offer cutting edge technology in the field of analytical chemistry and eco-toxicology that would offer first mover advantage. Its vision is to be one of leading CRO’s especially in the field of IPM

Initially, as with any emerging organization we were ready to do everything under the sun but now as the organization has become more evolved and matured we have now concentrated on analysis Integrated Pest Management products with special focus on Chemistry and Eco-toxicity.

As we delve on the past and travails and tribulations that we have undergone the journey has been exciting and equally challenging. However, the flexibility that we get on doing what we love to do gives us immense satisfaction that no job would have given us. We are now on fast track and hope to achieve accolades in terms of GLP certification which would be a quantum leap in terms of achievement and brand equity of the company